The Best way to determine the Bradford Factor

by Leena
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For the readers that may not know what the Bradford factor is, we will do our best to explain it. The Bradford Factor is a formula used by several organizations to determine the impact the absence of an employee overtime will have on the organization.

It is a widely used formula by HR personnel and over the years, it has become widely accepted. For example, there are 52 weeks in a year. The scores from the Bradford factor are usually determined by the number of times that employee is absent within these weeks.

The Bradford factor is very important to determine the level of importance employees are in a company. If your Bradford level is on the higher side, then there is a high chance that you will lose your job.

This is because the highest levels always indicate a greater impact on the company in the long run.

So, as an individual, especially one that works in a field, being absent regularly may be of bad impact to the company. You need to know how to calculate your Bradford factor to always stay on track.

Fortunately, you can calculate your Bradford factor with free online calculators. Our online calculator at onlinecalculators is one of the best tools you can use to get the best results for yourself.

Benefits of Using our Online Calculator.

  • It is accurate

In some cases, you may want to calculate this Bradford Factor, you may run into errors that would give you a false value. This false value may either be a positive value or a negative value depending on the parameter used.

In your workplace, when this value is given to them, it has a chance of improving or reducing your chances of that company. To avoid all of these, the Bradford Factor calculator is the ideal solution for you to deal with these and get good results.

  • It is free.

This is the reason why several people use this online calculator. It is 100% free and they do not collect any extra charge during use.

Most people often doubt the authenticity of the software because it is free. Most online calculators that people know collect lots of money to deliver these services that our online calculator offers.

  • It is easy.

If you are afraid of calculations, then using this online calculator could be the best bet for you. The online calculator is made for you to have an easy experience during operation.

If you are an HR personnel, you should not bother yourself any more about manually calculating the Bradford factor for all your staff.


Our online calculator makes a lot of things easier for you. We have made the entire calculation process to give you the best results you need at any time you desire. With our calculator, you do not need to worry about if the figures are right or not.

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