Make a change to help curb climate change

by Leena

The threat that climate change poses is becoming more evident as time passes. Many people are calling for major global governmental changes in order to solve the problem. While it is true that government intervention will be a step in the right direction, it cannot replace the role that personal responsibility plays in the issue. Each and every one of us has a part to play in improving the quality of our environment.

Many people may overlook small changes, but it is these little improvements that, in the long run, will have the most impact. So what are some of the things you can do today to reduce your impact on your environment?

How to help reduce Climate Change

Learn the three Rs
Reduce, Reuse, And Recycle. You want to reduce the number of items you purchase or obtain, and only choosing to buy what you really need. You should also reuse items you own as much as possible instead of throwing them away. You can do this by keeping the items in good condition, repairing them, or finding new ingenious ways to use an old item.

Lastly, you need to properly recycle anything that you absolutely can not reuse or avoid buying in the first place. Recycle these items according to their categories; plastic, paper, glass or metal. Simply burning some of them could contribute to these gases that cause climate change.

Switch to clean transport
Most forms of conventional transport are powered by the combustion of fossil fuels. Switching to clean transport might mean biking more and driving less. It might also mean walking if possible. If none of these work for you, opt for taking public transportation. It means fewer cars on the roads, and this would reduce the amount of greenhouse gases being introduced into the atmosphere.

Save water and our waterways to reduce climate change
Most of the water on our planet is saltwater, unfit for human consumption. Of the freshwater that is left, only one third is available for us to use. The rest is found in glaciers and polar ice. So it is imperative that we maintain the clean sources of water that we have and avoid wasting the water that is supplied to our homes. Use less water when you brush, wash and flush. Avoid disposables, as they usually take lots of water to make. You can also volunteer to help clean up water bodies in your community.

Eat fresh, locally grown foods
Try to shop for local produce to serve the bulk of your needs. Try to eat more plant-based foods; they’re healthier for you and requires less water and resources to produce. Eating locally grown foods also means that your food gets to you quicker, and passes through fewer polluting transport mediums to travel to you.

Cut down on fossil fuels by using clean alternative energy
Most of the power we use today is produced by burning fossil fuels to produce energy. Just the transportation of these fuels causes pollution. Burning them in tons is responsible for the speeding up of climate change. You can help make a difference by switching to clean energy.

One of the foremost ways to do this is by investing in a solar power system. It’s as easy to handle. If you want to get a solar system, getting an mppt charge controller is crucial. Well, there are other things to consider, so research the project well beforehand. Also, a solar power system will usually pay for itself by helping you save on your electric bill in the long run.

There are many ways we can individually help to save our environment. The most important step is to start out, and keep learning. With every step we personally take, we improve our chances of igniting the change we want to see in others. Finally, we gave climate change a good kick out of our environment.

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