The Significance of Wheel Blasting in Aluminum Die Casting

by Leena
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Wheel blasting is a process that describes a process used mainly for metal surface preparation. It is a process in which a metal surface is bombarded with some sort of abrasive material. There are a dozen or so abrasive materials that can be used for that purpose. 

Compared to other technologies, wheel blasting offers superior surface preparation in almost any sense. The level of surface cleaning is so exceptional that no other finishing method can match it.

Almost all die casting companies use wheel blasting before the metal part or fixture is subjected to an operation such as galvanizing, enameling, rubberizing, glass coating, or welding. The common materials used for wheel blasting include corn cob, glass beads, acrylic, crushed glass grit, and aluminum oxide. As a direct result of wheel blasting, it provides excellent cosmetic finish, increased mechanical function, improved adhesion, and so on.

Wheel Blasting Benefits for Aluminum Casting

Wheel blasting can bring quite a few benefits to aluminum casting. That’s especially emphasized in the shipbuilding and the aerospace industry where it is commonly used. Some of the biggest benefits of wheel blasting for aluminum casting include:

  • Increase in the Surface Area

Wheel blasting has that effect which is mainly because of the increase of the roughness. 

  • Effective Surface Dirt Removal

Wheel blasting is excellent in this regard. As a result, there is an increased adhesion property of the treated surface. This is increased by adding paint to the surface.

  • Enhanced Surface Structure of the Treated Part

Wheel blasting can help restore the general character of the treated part. That is achieved by fully removing the attachments present on the surface like thin edges, scratches, stains, etc. 

  • Enhanced Cosmetic Appearance

Wheel blasting in aluminum casting can also have a massive positive impact on the cosmetic appearance of the treated surface and that is proven with most abrasive media.

  • Increased Longevity and Durability

Durability and longevity are vital in moving parts and this is proven over and over with parts and fixtures treated with wheel blasting. 

  • Wheel Blasting is a Relatively Simple Process

Compared to wire brushing and sanding, it is a very simpler process. That is why many aluminum casting companies are adopting wheel blasting as part of their surface treatment processes.

  • Safe for Work

Unlike other surface treatment processes, wheel blasting doesn’t include chemical additions. It is lead and silica free. That means the technicians can work freely without the danger that comes from the mentioned additives. Because of silica, some surface treatment processes are forbidden in some countries.

  • Environment Friendly

Wheel blasting machines are energy efficient, almost all of the waste can be recycled, and dust is removed by their own vacuums. 

The Future of Surface Treatment in Aluminum Casting

Wheel blasting is taking over the world of surface treatment for aluminum casting on account of wire brushing and sanding. At the same time, there is no upcoming technology that threatens the supremacy of wheel blasting. 

Based on that, it is expected to see an expansion of wheel blasting for aluminum casting worldwide.

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