The Ultimate Pharmaceutical Support Solution

by Leena

VulcanChem is a USA based company that manufactures and supplies high-quality chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry. They contribute a vast range of products and services to contribute to the field of research, development, and the industrial-scale production of medicines. Vulcanchem is also a gem to provide supporting drugs for new launching drugs in the health sector.

Facilities Offered by VulcanChem:

Their expertise majorly includes the on-demand molecular synthesis and large-scale production of challenging molecules with diverse structural synthesis. The research team is busy day and night to support clients and meet their required product standards with multiple testing and quality control protocols. They have all the facilities available in hand to synthesis and supply even kilograms of the desired compounds as per your requirement. You can acquire the products out of the readily available stock or ask them to prepare a customized one for yourself. Their high-tech labs and well-equipped teams can also utilize multiple synthesis and production processes to facilitate the customer.

Offered Product:

They are currently supplying thousands of high-quality compounds to more than 500 customers. The circle is increasing day after the other with the increase in the quantity of products resulting due innovations in the field of medicines and chemical research and development. The fine quality products that VulcanChem provide include a large number of:

  • Inhibitors:
  • APIs:
  • Peptides:
  • Impurities:
  • Reference Substances:
  • Natural Products:
  • Labeled Products:
  • Signature products:
  • Offered Services:

VulcanChem also offers a wide range of R & D services to its clients performed according to the international standards and controlled parameters. The top benefits include:

Custom Synthesis:

Custom synthesis is a very standard way of producing your required product by the VulcanChem. The qualified teams begin the process right from scratch on a microscopic scale, perform the effective evaluation and customized procedures to reach the end product, and quote the price and duration required to accomplish the required task. They also keep on updating you with the progress of the project, and all this is done under the strict confidential agreement of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer.

Analytical Services:

To facilitate the client from avoiding the crucial analysis of the quality and quantity of all the chemical compounds in a product, VulcanChem provides the facility of a compound’s analytical services on an industrial level. They also have a limited set of tailored methods to check the validity of the specific testing application.

Bioconjugation Services:

One of the expertise of this firm is the Bioconjugation that is the binding of two or more molecules to study it. The result product analysis, studies, and testing can produce a lot of beneficial results, and they master in doing so—the highly trained staff here master in linking techniques to get the end product.

Chiral Synthesis:

Chiral are the fine chemicals under massive use in the world of medicine. They also play a prime role in drug discovery with the charity key role. VulcanChem provides the services of a broad range of chiral synthesis.

Apart from these regular supplies and services, you can also get the featured products as per your requirement on many reasonable rates compared to the international market.

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