Purchasing The Right Dual Color 3d Printer

by Leena
Dual Color 3d Printer

Several 3D printing technologies can manage to print in one color. For most makers, designing or creating different multi-colored prints needs you to use paint coupled with other post-processing methods in adding color afterward. For complicated objects, painting afterwads may not be an option.

 In this case, the dual-color 3d printing solution would be printing the segment in color from the beginning. In our tutorial today, we shall be analyzing the methods for adding color to your 3D prints. We shall begin with the lower-cost options such as filament swapping as well as dual extrusion. There on, we will look at the expensive industrial options.

The Color Kit Resin

SLA resins are often used in smaller portions of different colors chosen by a given manufacturer. For people who are not knowledgeable about the printing process of SLA, this guide can assist you in heightening your comprehension. Color limitations in the process of selecting SLA resins restrict a product’s ability to be clear.

Dual Color 3d Printer

Highlighting Filament Swapping

Filament swapping refers to a particular technique most businesses use in FDM printing. The whole process has a way of allowing an individual to make use of various colors for a variety of layers and models. It is also relatively simple if you ask us as the professionals involved in the process of 3D color printing.

Perhaps you can always do with a little guide ahead.

Start by pausing the print strategically where you would aspire to swap colors. After that, you can raise the nozzle in the axis. Here, consider using the control software. Retract the remaining filament and then care to extrude the new one until there is a color change. Continue by removing the extruded filament and then go ahead and lower the axis.

Also, you should note that the method is ideal for products such as logos, as well as plaques that have extruded texts. The lower portion of your model may easily get printed in a single color and then get changed into a highlight of the upper color and portion. This may be done several times, however tedious it can be.

Dual Color 3d Printer

Filament Dyeing

Filament dyeing can also be termed as filament swapping. The process carefully allows you to color layers in the model you have. The strategy works well with a nylon filament because it is good at absorbing moisture. It also needs to be stored in a sealed environment since it can readily absorb dye. In this case, we established that Rit dye is ideal for the entire process.

Take your filament and wrap it into a coil. That way, you can secure it using a string. Boil your water and then mix it in the Rit Dye. Go ahead and place a small section of the nylon filament in your preferred solution for 15 minutes. You can now remove and then repeat the steps for other additional sections. Choose as many colors as possible.

Dual Color 3d Printer


Using two colors to print looks visually impressive. It also makes it easy for you tohighlight different aspects of the 3D printed model. Our guide should come in handy when it is time to create a double color print.

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