Basics Of 3D Laser Printer

by Leena
3D printer

There are different manufacturing processes utilized across the world. Of all the kinds, laser cutting is one of the most preferred by people in the manufacturing world. 3D laser printers, as well as 3D printers, can sound pretty much familiar. However, there is a significant difference between the two. How do you choose an affordable 3d laser printer?

So, based on the forms of technologies that exist in the world, the devices are designed in such a way that they can perform the same task in most cases. However, they can also produce quality parts.

One primary difference is the terms of operation. Although laser cutting is known to be based on subtractive manufacturing, in many cases, 3D printing is founded on additive manufacturing. But both tenets are different when it comes to the nature of the work they perform.  

To be in a position to decide which technology is right for your demands, a business person must be in a position to garner information regarding the options available on the market.

The Laser And Printer

To understand the difference between laser and 3D printers, let us take a quick look at some facts.

Typically, the operation of a 3D printer laser will be founded on laser cutting, which is a viable technology that is prominently known as the subtractive process. In the process, the material in use shall be cut with the assistance of a 3D tube laser.

 That way, it can shape your preferred object according to the design set. Following the accuracy of the lasers provided, you can manufacture precise designs. Besides, the actual material available for the process of laser cutting is relatively huge in many cases.

You can, therefore, use different fabrics and composite materials coupled with viable cutting technology. Given the benefits this machine comes with, it needs some post-processing steps, including welding, to finish the existing parts.  This is an additive process that makes it dissimilar to the actual laser cutting process.

In order to be in a position to create a 3D part, you should have a printable 2D model of that object. When fed into the 3D printer, your machine will progress to create that final object. And unlike the 3D laser prints which cut directly into the material, the printers have a way of joining the layers together.

Perhaps you did not know that it is possible to make a choice from the two options available below:

  • Laser cutting
  • Laser engraving

 These are two unique processes. Laser cutting is known for cutting materials, while laser engraving is prominent for engraving materials. You may need to use both processes, but that is not necessary if you understand the basics of utilizing them. You can always turn the designs you choose into actual objects.  

 Final Thoughts

These two manufacturing processes are widely used in the world of prototyping and other industries involved in the creation of different parts of objects. You can always utilize different materials, including acrylic and metals.

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